Danielle Nelson

Getting this procedure done was one of the best decisions I have ever made, making some of the most simple tasks less stressful. I can get in the shower, wash my makeup off and get out and still have eyebrows. When I go to bed I know they won´t come off on my pillow during the night. I can rub my face and not worry about smudging my eyebrow pencil. It is absolutely amazing. Ever since I started plucking my eyebrows at age twelve, it has been a source of stress for me. I still can´t get over that I don´t need to spend hours in front of the mirror everyday, sometimes multiple times in one day making sure they are the right color or perfectly even. Patti is great, she makes you feel completely comfortable and takes the time with you to get a result you are going to be 100% happy with. I am thrilled that I worked with Patti to get such beautiful brows.


Janet Schukraft

Although I feel nothing detracts from a woman´s looks more than faded or missing brows, I never realized how far reaching the advantages of having permanent eyebrows and eyeliner would be. Imagine never needing to perform the daily drudgery of penciling in brows (that don´t last as long as you are applying them) and eyeliner (that always seems to be uneven, too dark, too thick or too thin). That is heaven! I had no nidea how much time and frustration I would be eliminating. It´s a fantastic boost to have my brows and liner already in place first thing upon waking up and last thing at night. No more smudging or smearing � no racoon rings under my eyes. I can read an emotional book, watch a sad movie, or listen to a moving hymn or sermon and not worry about becoming teary eyed for fear of my makeup streaking, and if I should unintentionally touch my eyes I don´t ruin my makeup.
I can´t begin to express my gratitude to you for the beautiful job you did. I not only benefited from your incredibly careful and precise skills as a talented makeup artist, but the end result gives me a sense of freedom that continues to enchant, day after every single day.
I want to thank you for the consideration and care I experienced in your studio. I feel privileged to have met you, and it is my pleasure to recommend you to anyone interested in permanent makeup.


Marjorie Lochner

I would like to thank you for literally changing my life. I have had to pencil in my eyebrows for so many years, that I have had to change pencil colors from black to gray. This is the fourth week celebration of my new eyebrows. You did a fabulus job and I could not be more pleased, can´t take my eyes off them. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and was painless besides. You know how when you don´t feel good and look in the mirror, and sometimes you feel worse because of the way you look? Well, every time I look in the mirror I am pleasantly surprised, and makeup is a breeze to apply now, because the biggest, most time consuming part is already done to perfection. Thank you so much for a great job


Margaret Gillette

It is so nice to see my eyebrows again. I never imagined how incredibly difficult the application of eye makeup would become as one ages. It has been so many years since I have enjoyed the pleasure of seeing myself, in the mirror or in photos, with any brows at all, let alone lovely well defines brows. It still gives me a thrill every day.
As an artist, I can really appreciate the fine artistic strategy you use to design a style and color match that achieves exactly the right look to create a lift that takes years off one´s appearance.
While many people find it amazing that I would choose to have permanent makeup at my age (86), they all love the effect and I still consider it the best present I could ever give myself. Once they saw the results, many of my friends expressed a desire to get their eyebrows done, also.
I think of you every day as I enjoy my new brows and I feel infinitely fortunate that I had the good luck to make your acquaintance.


New York Services

Cash or Check Only

Eyeliner - $250.00

Upper or Lower Eyeliner - $175.00

Eyebrows - $250.00

Microblade or Feathered brows -
(or you can do a little of the shading as well as feathered.)

if a touch up is needed ( which is recommended ) for touch-up and refreshing the color, there is a tray set-up fee of $75.00 within 90 days of initial procedure. After 90 days (3 months) it is half the price of the initial procedure cost. Cash, Check and Credit Card accepted.

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Susan M

"OMG! Patty is the BEST! I had my eyebrows done by someone else for the past 8 years or so. Because I had them done by the same person, I had nothing else to compare. I never could have imagined how good my eyebrows could look! Patty did above and beyond what I ever could have expected! I absolutely LOVE my new eyebrows. Patty has a client for life!!"


"I am thrilled that I worked with Patti to get such beautiful brows."


"...the end result gives me a sense of freedom that continues to enchant ..."


"I would like to thank you for literally changing my life."


"I never imagined how incredibly difficult the application of eye makeup would become as one ages."